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OldSchool Protection, LLC

Upcoming Classes

We are working on our 2023 schedule  

NSSF First steps pistol - March 5th

Concealed Carry - March 18th

Concealed Carry- May 6th

Concealed Carry- June 10th

Concealed Carry- September 2nd 

Range Safety Officer - May 20th

NSSF First shots Shotgun- April 15th

NRA Basic Shotgun- August 12th

NRA Basic Rifle- September 23rd

USCCA Instructor Course- April 22 & 23

USCCA Instructor Course- July 15th & 16th

USCCA Instructor Course August 19th & 20th

USCCA Instructor Course December 2nd & 3rd

*Marksmanship / Range Practice - 2nd Sunday of Month (email us if interested and for times)