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OldSchool Protection, LLC

NSSF's First Shots

We are now partnered with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). JOIN US for a First Shots® introductory range session where you’ll receive professional guidance on safe firearm handling and shooting practices. Discover the excitement of a thrilling new sport and enjoy a new sense of accomplishment unlike any other. The events will cover shooting with Pistols, Rifles or Shotguns depending on class date and will have a short LIVE fire training. This is a great intro class if you are interested in the firearms world or even if you need a refresher.

This will be a 3 hour course, in this course we will teach you:

-Safety rules for handling firearms

-Safe storage of firearms


-Activities with Firearms

You will receive a handbook, eye and ear protection and other program materials needed. You do not need to bring anything to class except your willingness to learn a new skill. Once completed you will be invited to complete a survey to receive a $25 gift card for a future class of your choice with us.

Cost: $30

Event dates:

Pistol- February 27, 2021 2pm-5pm

Rifle- April 24, 2021 2pm-5pm

Shotgun- August 21, 2021 2pm-5pm

If interested in other dates please email us