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OldSchool Protection, LLC

Hey Ladies,

Let me introduce myself;

I am Tricia Collins, I am a child of God, mother of 3, Wife, daughter, Sister, hard worker, home maker, firearms instructor, Well Armed Woman Instructor and Chapter Leader, provider and a protector.

Two good friends and I have been interested in starting a ladies shooting group for a long time. We wanted this for women who want to develop their shooting skills. For women who are willing to step up and help other local women feel more confident with a gun.

Women who carry (Openly or Concealed) need to feel confident in protecting themselves and their families. Practice is everything.

We wanted a group so we could share tips, values, opinions, thoughts etc. concerning women and shooting in our local area.

We believe women need to step up to take protecting themselves and their family to the next level.

Don't get me wrong we believe in protecting yourself with a gun as a last resort. But lets not fool ourselves either. Men are stronger, there is a lot of evil in our world today, a lot of violence and uncertainty. A lot of senseless crimes and violence. As women we want and need to feel secure. We need to know how to protect ourselves.

Taking basic pistol training is great, taking home protection is great, getting a firearm is great, taking concealed carry is great.

BUT if you don't practice, learn the fundamentals and then build on your skills then you are doing yourself a dis-service.

Ladies we need to be proactive if we are going to carry or use a handgun. We need to practice regularly and seek out training so if put in a last resort situation we will have the skills to protect ourselves. Be a responsible gun owner get the training you need and deserve.

This is why I decided to become a Chapter leader along with my good Friends Donna & Janet. Together we will be hosting our Chapter meetings the 2nd Sunday of every month from 2:00pm-4:30pm.

We do realize that this is Sunday and a lot of us go to church. But this is one Sunday out of the month and its in-between Church services.

You can come out with other women to have fun while learning and practicing your shooting skills.

No pressure!! No men shooters!! We provide paper/steel targets.

(we do have a few well trained Men range officers to help keep us safe)

We ask that you bring your handgun and eye and ear protection along with at least 50 rounds of ammo.

see the ladies Armed Women of America tab for more info.